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July 2017

#7 – The Invisible Guest (2016)

BEN After becoming somewhat cynical of my enjoyment of films recently, how wonderful that this was next on the list. This Spanish film epitomises film making as a craft. As an audience member the manner in which the director constructs… Continue Reading →

#6 – Fences (2016)

SARAH The acting in this film, in particular Viola Davis, was very very good. The story, however, failed to grab me. I feel bad admitting this given its public success, but, if I’m really honest, I felt bored from start… Continue Reading →

#5 – To The Bone (2017)

BEN The film was a recommendation which can often be risky as it sets up a certain expectation that you are in for a good show. Sadly this was not the case with “To The Bone”. Credit to Lily Collins… Continue Reading →

#4 – Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

SARAH This is a film we watched way back when. I recall enjoying it but not any of the detail – pretty standard in my brain! Second time around I loved it just as much, perhaps more. The characters, especially… Continue Reading →

#3 – The Founder (2016)

BEN Having read Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser, I was already reasonably familiar with Ray Kroc and so when I saw the trailer for The Founder, I was very keen to check it out. The film starts out slow… Continue Reading →

#2 – I Am Heath Ledger (2017)

SARAH There was a time in my life that I believed I would some how marry Heath Ledger! I loved him. More than anyone else in the world could possibly understand. Or so I believed back in the day. Turns… Continue Reading →

#1 – Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

BEN A true tale of superhuman feats and incredible bravery amidst the horrors of the second World War. This was an epic film about an epic story. Andrew Garfield plays Desmond Doss, a Seventh Day Adventist who, whilst volunteering for… Continue Reading →

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