The film was a recommendation which can often be risky as it sets up a certain expectation that you are in for a good show. Sadly this was not the case with “To The Bone”. Credit to Lily Collins for her performance but it’s a shame that the supporting actors couldn’t offer up the same. Keanu Reeves was utterly woeful in this. Considering how little screen time he had it was amazing how memorably poor he was. The script didn’t do anyone any favours either; Cliche after cliche kept rolling on through amidst a cast of uninteresting and boring characters.

It’s a shame because the topics addressed here are hard hitting and if there is anything positive about the film, I felt it was the depiction of the senselessness of anorexia. That fact alone almost makes me feel guilty for slamming the film. 4/10


To the Bone sparked emotion in me – but possibly not in the way intended by the director. The subject matter, anorexia and other eating disorders, is important and should be talked about. I just couldn’t help but feel throughout this film that the lead character, played by Lily Collins, was portrayed in far to an attractive way. Had I watched this at a more impressionable time in my life, I could very easily have seen an element of ‘glamour’ portrayed (unintentionally no doubt) to what is a truely devastating illness. Perhaps as the mother of a daughter I am over thinking this, as I do worry about the pressures the next generation will feel. But I didn’t enjoy watching this, and I am not convinced it would do much toward helping those suffering – and I fear the potential is there for it to do the opposite.

For these reasons I am giving to the bone, 4/10.