There was a time in my life that I believed I would some how marry Heath Ledger! I loved him. More than anyone else in the world could possibly understand. Or so I believed back in the day. Turns out he really was as amazing as I imagined, and a lot of people in this world did in fact understand this, and know this, and know him! It also turns out, marrying him was a destiny not meant for me……
I am Heath Ledger is a sneak peek into his world, into his personality off screen. I had no idea what kind of person he really was (other than perfect – Obvs!). This doco showed lots of private footage and tales from close friends and family about who Heath really was. His kindness and generous spirit were proven in story after story. His talents undeniable. There is no doubt world lost a special soul in 2008.
I loved hearing personal accounts from his nearest and dearest – it would have been amazing to hear from Michelle Williams too. I didn’t realise the close relationship he had with Ben Harper, who, incidentally I was also going to marry…… teenage crushes were so real!
Anyway, despite the stop start nature of this made for TV documentary, I loved it. He was an incredible artist and I look forward to going back and watching some of his great movies during this project. He was only 28 when he left this world. Gone too soon.
I am giving I am Heath Ledger 7/10.


Aside from hearing of his life being cut so short and witnessing his fantastic performance in the Dark Knight, I knew very little about Heath Ledger and so was intrigued to learn more. What amazed me on watching this documentary was how quickly I too became enamoured by this incredible man. His untimely death happening far too soon. Such an incredible talent who clearly permeated such a wonderful warmth amidst his antipodean peers. How fascinating to see his wonderful generosity in creating an entire community of fellow artists all struggling to make their big break and to think that he achieved so much before passing at the age of 28. I had no idea of his talents behind the lens as well and it was fascinating to see his command of photography whilst directing videos for Ben Harper and N’fa Jones.
Overall a very engaging documentary that painted a picture of a rare talent tortured by insomnia that shone incredibly bright for a short time on this earth. Kudos to Heath Ledger. This has sparked a desire to investigate his back catalogue. 8.5/10